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D.U.L.T - Cara Menukar Windows 7 System Properties Logo

Argh! sebenrnye aku nak wat tutorial camne nk format win7 gune pendrive. Beg aku plak hilang!, pendrive dalam beg.. shit lah!

(back to the mood)
Halu, Some of you may have already know how to do it but sharing is caring, sometimes people want to show off in front of their friend, girlfriend or whoever they want, i know the feeling when people you love/stalk/like say " wah!! terernye awak, camne nak buat nih? buatkkan untuk saye,saye nak letak gambar kucing saye... bolehla" and usually i would say " erks.. takdelah terer, biase2 je.meh saye buatkkan ". Listen here boys, girls like boys who know lots about Computer this is ur chance to show them! .. keh keh..

They will sing this song for u boys.. hik hik(berangan lebeh ;p)

1. Create 1 image, and make it 120x120 pixel.

2.Then save it as OEMLogo.bmp. Then paste the file at C:\Windows\System32. Usually windows is install under C: , If your windows under D:, just change C: to D:

3.Regedit(Registry Editor)

  • Click On Start Button A.K.A Globe Windows button on the taskbar and type regedit at the search box. Press enter!

  • Backup Registry, For safety.. But Nevermind, U Can Just Delete The String To Make It Normal.

  • Now, Click this step by step : "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\OEMInformation"

  • At the OEMInformation, Press Right Click --> New --> String Value.
  • Change the name "New Value #1" To "Logo", dalam bahase melayu, tuka nama "New Value #1" jadikan ia "Logo". How to change the name? ... right click --> rename.

  • Then, Double Click at the icon(Logo Icon), then insert the value data. The value data is the path of the picture, We save at C:\Windows\system32\OEMLogo.bmp right? .. Just put the value data \Windows\system32\OEMLogo.bmp.

4.Then Restart Your Operating System A.K.A Laptop/Pc/Desktop or some of u call it CPU!

Then... TaaaDaaaAAaaA!!! .. I, I Love U Like A Love Song Baby.. Lalala~

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